Paint Protection Film And More!!!



Paint Protection Film offers abrasion resistance for virtually all painted surfaces, including:


Cars, Trucks & SUVs





Big rigs

More and more consumers are opting to protect their vehicle investments with Clear Bra Paint Protection Film, and many drivers are even choosing to cover the entire hood of their vehicle for the ultimate level of paint protection.

The paint protection film solved all the negatives of the vinyl bras and improved the benefits of having one. Utilizing the black vinyl bra is just a hassle to put on and take off. Worse, the bras would damage the paint where it was rubbing, and frankly, now they are not very fashionable. The paint protection film is nearly undetectable on the paint, the film does not damage the paint, and it does not require removal for washes.

Perhaps the most unique benefit of the film, aside from its durability against rock chips and road damage, is that you cannot see the protection on the car. It is on the vehicle all the time, rain or shine; ready to repel rocks and pitting.

Overall, the film is more effective at preventing rock chips and road debris than anything else. Over a 3 to 5 year period, the film maintains its clarity, gets damaged and worn out, and is completely removable without damaging your paint. Another plus is that with the paint protection film in place, it still allows the paint to fade at the same rate as the rest of the car

PROTECT YOUR LENSES and never break an expensive headlight or fog light again!


Remember when headlights were round, and cost $5.00? Not any more! A stone hit on one of those curvaceous composite plastic lens can set you back $500 or more.

Protect your expensive headlights from stone damage & discoloration!


Headlight and Fog light Protection Film installed for as little as $99


Why do you need headlight protection?

Today's acrylic headlights are very expensive. Replacement costs are usually a very unpleasant surprise.

Acrylic headlights do get damaged. Modern acrylic headlights are susceptible to scratches, pits from flying road debris, and fine hair line fractures that can allow moisture to get into the lens causing fogging. UV damage from sunlight can cause yellowing of the lens and make acrylic brittle. Auto-Thrill’s Headlamp Protection kits have UV inhibitors that help to prevent hazing and yellowing of the acrylic lens due to exposure to sunlight.

The very best protection has also been tested at temperatures down to -40 centigrade with no damage to the film or adhesive. It is DOT certified and guaranteed not to alter or reduce headlight performance.


-Glass lenses will...



Become pitted from road debris.

-Plastic lenses will...


Lose transparency

Become pitted (from road debris)

Scratch easily.