Auto-Thrill has partnered up with the best in the business by combining use of the best patterns in the Market, XPEL’s DAP and 3M Scotchgard Paint Protection Film, enabling us to deliver flexibility, longevity, installation speed, and installation quality without compromise at a GREAT PRICE..



Being a mechanic by trade, Jesse got his start in fleet management at Canadian Linen where he was in charge of fleet maintenance, repairs, and the overall care of the fleet. He then pursued his love of performance and restoration when he joined the team at the Mustang Shop in Calgary, AB. He quickly moved up the ranks until he was soley in charge of the repair center. In 2004 Jesse spread out and opened Auto-Thrill Inc. in Calgary, where he specialized in high performance and resto-mods. In November of 2006 the Hir family welcomed their first addition to the family. It was then that Jesse decided to slow down the pace of life. Working 14-16 hour days was not acceptable with a new family to focus on. He made the choice to move to Swift Current and shut down Auto-Thrill Inc. During his time here in Swift, Jesse has led the Service teams both at Canadian Tire and Knight Dodge. During his time at Knight Dodge, he saw the need for vehicle protection in our elements. He realized that much of our community spends a lot of time driving with no protection to their vehicle; many of our roads are gravel and sand, taking its toll on one of our biggest investments and further more decreasing the value at trade-in time or re-sale.

After seeing the need for a new service to our community, Jesse spent hours both on the phone and internet researching what product would be best suited. He then went back to Calgary where he was trained and certified by the industry leaders in Paint Protection Film. He is now ready to serve us in protecting one of our biggest investments from the challenges of daily life in our community.


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